DCC RPG: Sky Ov Crimson Flame

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Explore a foul keep, battle shambling flesh monsters and stop chaotic cultists from unleashing terrible evil upon the world!

The adventure unfolds with the disappearance of the raven-haired beauty Belesa and soon turns to hysteria as others vanish from the village of Reed. One by one, friends, loved ones and finally the children scream out in the dark of the night and are lost…

Now a thunderous sound ripples across the night sky and, in its wake, a falling Crimson Star ignites! The village elders suspect the kidnapped have been taken to an ancient Keep that lies hidden within the dreaded forest, for they alone remember the old tales of screaming witch-lights that blazed and dance across the sky in times of yore!

Who among you will brave the bowels of that foul Keep, where unspeakable horrors must surely await, in an attempt to save those that have been taken?

Also featured is Blights ov the Eastern Forest, a 1st level mini-campaign which sends your adventurers on a dangerous mission to cleanse the evil that spawns from the very roots! Weaving a rich history that ties in the previous adventure with six new areas to explore and a bestiary of horrors to encounter! Walking into the forest is easy. It’s getting out alive that’s hard.

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