Super Boss Monster

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Number of Players: 1-4
Playing Time: 30 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 13+

After a decade of dungeon-building fun, Boss Monster is leveling up to the next generation with Super Boss Monster! 1-4 players compete to build the ultimate side-scrolling dungeon by drafting room cards, playing spells, and luring in hapless adventurers.

Super Boss Monster introduces the Town Board, which brings in new mechanics to the classic card game. Random room draws are replaced with a simple draft. Heroes still show up in town, but overflow into Locations (Temple, Stadium, Library, Hide-Out, and Tavern) where players can nab them with your all-new Minion meeple! If players choose to not use their Minion to direct a hero, Minions can activate other action spaces.

The Town Board unlocks a long awaited single-player mode! In this mode, players will be trying to lure and slay as many heroes as possible. Players will need to keep an eye on damage, but luring is key to success; if too many heroes stack up in town, they'll head to the Tavern and end the game!

Super Boss Monster is 100% backwards compatible with all existing Boss Monster cards. As a standalone game, Super Boss Monster will contain everything that 1-4 players need to play.

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