Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition Spring 1941 (Renegade Game Studios)

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Number of Players: 2-6

Playing Time: 6 Hours

Recommended Ages: 12+

The year is 1941. The Axis war machine appears invincible. The Balkans have fallen. Pearl Harbor has been attacked, and Rommel has the British on the run in North Africa.

At this explosive point in history, the Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition challenges you and your opponents to decide the outcome of World War II. As one of the world powers struggling for supremacy in 1941, you must spearhead your country's military drive.

Axis & Allies celebrates its 40th anniversary with the re-release of this deluxe edition, designed and developed by Larry Harris, the original creator of Axis & Allies. This edition includes an all-new, huge 24" by 46" game board, new cruiser units, and Italy as the third Axis nation.

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